Armchair Mayor Drops Yet Another B*****K

August 22, 2009

peter davies

Peter 'Clueless' Davies

Peter Davies, wannabe Tory and elected Mayor of Doncaster, has been accused of being an ‘armchair politician’ who likes to make brash promises without studying the facts. Most of his election promises were as unattainable as they were unreasonable and his term in office is quickly becoming as farcical as Martin Winter’s was corrupt (which is to say very, very farcical).

Davies recently announced that he has stepped up his war on “political correctness” by inviting the co-founders of the Campaign Against Political Correctness (CAPC), husband and wife duo John and Laura Midgley, into his cabinet to help him deliver his election manifesto promise to end “politically correct non-jobs”.

mayors hit squad

The Mayor's '(S)Hit Squad'

Last week Davies and the CAPC singled out the ‘Ethnic Minorities Welfare Rights Team’ as a target for ‘PC’ reforms. Unfortunately, for Davies and the CAPC at least, the managing director of the council was forced to point out that the Ethnic Minorities Welfare Rights Team had not in fact existed since 2006.

Tim Brown, of the town’s BME Community Forum has said…

“I am concerned that Mayor Davies’ ‘political correctness’ campaign is not based on fact. In the absence of any reasonable explanation it would appear that the campaign is a smokescreen for attacking minority groups.”

Perhaps Mr Davies should focus on more important election promises – like getting rid of the failed, undemocratic ‘Elected Mayoral’ system.

But leader of the council’s Liberal Democrats, Paul Coddington, said: “There are people who live in our communities who don’t have English and they need advice. I agree that we should be helping them to learn English but meanwhile they do need support.”

“I am amused by all this, really. Any armchair politician could have come in and said let’s do this, let’s do that, let’s get rid of political correctness. What’s gone wrong here is the armchair politician has been elected and now he has to actually deliver.


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