Ahoy, the NEET fleet

September 13, 2009


Arch Tory Tosser, David Cameron, has recently attacked a decision by Hull NHS to invest in a 72ft yacht which will be used to train teenagers not in education or employment. Costing in the region of £500,000 Cameron described the move as “extravagant” and “crazy”, but this figure is paltry compared to the millions that MPs have fiddled and the billions that bankers have squandered – and, unlike expenses and bonuses, this is money which actually makes a difference to the lives of everyday people.

Speaking on the BBC’s Politics Show in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire the Home Secretary, Alan Johnson said: “This is a partnership to try and get kids, many of [whom] were raised in care, who have had no chances in their lives, who have had the most awful circumstances to cope with, to try and change their lives around.

“There is a partnership in this city determined to take 450 of them through this programme, two weeks of which is not sailing in a yacht around the Caribbean, it is going in the North Sea up to the Shetlands, which is having an enormous effect already.”

Yachtsman Sir Robin Knox Johnston, who completed the first solo non-stop circumnavigation of the globe 40 years ago, said the project had a full success rate at finding jobs or training places for those taking part.

“Last time when we took those 10 youngsters from Hull on our fleet one at a time, all of them were in trouble, one had cost £250,000 to social services, they came back, everyone went into further education and got a job. One hundred per cent success.”

Christopher Long, chief executive of NHS Hull, said the board’s support “has not impacted upon any other health services available locally”.

All too often schemes designed to help underprivileged children are misappropriated by wealthier parents so that the divide between the haves and have-nots continues to grow. We need more schemes like the one in Hull if we are to help the children who have been failed by an education system which is designed to benefit privileged rich and middle class kids at the expense of the vast majority of working class children.


One Response to “Ahoy, the NEET fleet”

  1. ray said

    I worked in sail training for quite a few years and I know that it can work. Not all the time of course but what does? Given half a chance kids will soak up responsibility and ideas of mutual aid. For many it is the first time that they have had to think about someone other than themselves but for others it is a welcome break from being a carer. At worst they have an adventure and broaden their horizons a bit. It’s money well spent. Having said that, there are some real right wing twats involved in sail training-and RKJ is one of ’em.

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