And so it begins… (UK political parties plot how to pay back the bankers-bail-out money with public funds)

September 21, 2009

Happy Rich Businessman

We have always said “People don’t rob banks, BANKS ROB PEOPLE!” Unfortunately this statement has turned out to be more true than we first imagined.

After bailing out British banks to the tune of £500 billion (100 x more than the £5 billion needed to end child poverty in the UK) the main political parties have begun to debate which public sector funds will be need to be cut and by how much. Labour are already talking about a £2 billion cut in education funding and it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s an election coming up so proposed figures will not even begin to reflect the real level of cuts that we can expect after the general election (regardless of which muppet ends up in the driving seat). We can guarantee that the only people who won’t suffer over the next few years are bankers and politicians!

Why do we always put up with this shit? Are we too stupid to spot when we’re being conned? Or just to spineless to do anything about it? At the beginning of the year the media forecast a ‘summer of rage’ where people would demand justice. Well, in the light of summer events, we’re sorry to say that we’re gonna forecast an ‘autumn of angst’ followed by a ‘winter of whimpering’ where everyone is dissatisfied with their lot, but – as usual – only a handful of people will dare to stand their ground. If we continue to take this level of abuse from people who were supposedly elected to represent our interests (rather than the interests of banks and corporations) then we deserve everything we get.

making a withdrawal

From now on THIS is the only kind of bank withdrawal worth making!!!


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