Marmite Mayor’s Freeloading Flutter

October 1, 2009

We recently paid a visit to our old friend Snookcocker at the Blissful Valley Retirement Home for Bloggers (we’re happy to say that the old guy still manages a tweet now and then – though ‘Snook Tweets’ does sound like a song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). While we were there Snook showed us this gem from the Doncaster Free Press

MAYOR Peter Davies has accepted more than £650 of gifts and hospitality since taking office – including more than £250 from the firm that runs Doncaster Racecourse.

The mayor had complimentary days out at three race meetings, a rugby match and Doncaster Rovers’ League Cup tie against Tottenham Hotspur, according to Doncaster Council’s register of members’ interests.

Lib Dem leader Coun Paul Coddington – who has only accepted one gift in ten years on the council, including a year as civic mayor – warned that Mr Davies should be wary that accepting too much hospitality could be seen as “freeloading”

But the elected mayor said he had treated all the visits as work and insisted: “I am not a freeloader.”

Racing fan Mr Davies was gifted two days out at this year’s St Leger Festival. His attendance on Ladies ‘Day, worth £215, was paid for by Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, while on the Friday of the festival he enjoyed the hospitality of racecourse operator Arena Leisure, worth £219.

Arena Leisure also paid for the mayor’s £40 lunch at a race meeting in August which he attended as a guest of a racehorse trainer.

The mayor enjoyed a £120 hospitality package for two at the Keepmoat Stadium courtesy of Doncaster Rovers when the club took on Tottenham Hotspur in the Carling Cup.

Mr Davies told the Free Press: “As mayor part of my job as I see it is to support events and teams in the town.

“I was invited by Doncaster Rovers to go along and support the club so I accepted. I wouldn’t have gone otherwise – I don’t like football and I didn’t enjoy it.

Oh, well as long as you’re not enjoying yourself then it can’t be freeloading!

Davies goes on to admit that…

“The racing is slightly different, but again I was invited along in my official capacity and they were working visits. On both days I left the racecourse just after lunch, which I would not have done if I was there for pleasure.”

So he claims he only freeloads food and it’s all about the business, which is interesting because he has also recently suggested that school children should be given a holiday during the St  Leger so they could go horse racing! Not only is he trying to drum up business for the people who provided him with £219 of  ‘hospitality’ (not forgetting the further £215 paid to the racecourse by Doncaster Chamber on his behalf), he’s actively encouraging impressionable young children to learn about gambling!!!

(We’re only kidding – about the gambling at least – our kids love a day at the races. One adult and 3 kids can go for £12. That’s £203 less than it costs for a Taliban-loving, climate-hating, tax-fiddling mayor!!! – and if Arena Leisure’s reading this you owe us £219 for the plug!)




5 Responses to “Marmite Mayor’s Freeloading Flutter”

  1. dave binks said

    a few free meals but £43000 off his salary look at the last mayor we had he send the mayors limo to pick up curry from the palace tandori not once have i seen an article of self promotion from the new mayor where as winters created a news paper to blow smoke up him self saying he got us the airport he even claimed credit for the rovers promotions (thought that was more to do with john ryan)

    get off your high horse and give our mayor credit for doing what he said he would do this is why he was voted in

  2. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    We couldn’t stand Winter either. We’ll warm to Davies (if only slightly – as we don’t like any right wing, nationalist, freeloading, tories) if he ever fulfils his most important pre-election promise – that of abolishing the undemocratic Elected Mayoral system.

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