Marmite Mayor’s Mates are also Tax-Fiddlers

October 10, 2009

Tax fiddling has been good to Peter Davies, if he hadn’t fiddled his taxes he wouldn’t have been booted out of the Tory Party and he would never have been elected as the ‘English Democrat’ Mayor of Doncaster (on a promise to clean up politics of all things!). We expect such hypocrisy from our politicians; these people love to judge everyone else in society, but believe – correctly if the general population’s lack of anger is anything to go by – that they are beyond reproach. But what about somebody who claims to fight for the good of the people…

Among Davies’ advisors are a group called the ‘TaxPayer’s Alliance‘. These are supposedly working in favour of the ‘taxpayer’. But The Guardian has revealed that Alexander Heath, a director of the increasingly influential free market, right-wing lobby group, lives in a farmhouse in the Loire and has not paid British tax for years … Heath’s status emerged from an investigation into the TPA, which also revealed that the group is heavily funded by a group of businessmen and wealthy donors who also back the Conservatives.’

In fact if you look at the group’s website funding and donations is all that they’re really about.

The lesson we should learn from this is, whether they be politicians, bankers, businessmen, CEOs or directors of influential think tanks, we should NEVER TRUST THE RICH; they’re all thieves in one way or another. It doesn’t matter what political views they claim to hold,  they’re out to protect their own interests at any cost. There can be no better illustration of this than the fact that public spending – on essentials like health & education – is about to be slashed – by every political party that has any chance of power – to pay for the greed of bankers, businessmen and politicians. As ever, it is the poor who will be forced to pay for the mistakes of the rich. Isn’t it time we turned the tables?


Remember kids: No War but the Class War!


One Response to “Marmite Mayor’s Mates are also Tax-Fiddlers”

  1. Mike Coyle said

    Totally Agree.

    It is however very difficult for real taxpayers to get their voice heard. I have no political leanings or ideology and just a normal secondary education. I am however disgusted by useless, corrupt and greedy career politicians.

    I am trying to stoke up some real interest from taxpayers but apathy is the real enemy working people. Apathy and poor education standards are the friend of politicians.

    I have set up a very Amateur web page with very limited IT skills just to try and vent some anger at how the UK is being governed. My naivety and desire to stir up debate keeps me optimistic in some ways.
    No desire for power just peaceful popular revolution.

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