Centenary of Francisco Ferrer’s Murder

October 13, 2009

Today (13/10/09) marks the centenary of the murder of the great libertarian educator, Francisco Ferrer  (Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia).


Ferrer was a Catalan freethinker and libertarian who’s ideas heavily influenced the success of the anarchist collectives in pre-Franco Spain. In 1901 he openedla Escuela Moderna’ (The Modern School), a libertarian school which utilised new ideas in teaching to encourage  social values in children. In 1906 he was arrested only to be released without charge a year later; the school failed in his absence.

In the summer of 1908, shortly after his release from jail, he wrote The Origins and Ideals of the Modern School which tells the story of the Modern School and describes its founding principles.

In 1909, following the declaration of martial law  during Spain’s ‘Tragic Week’ (a series of bloody confrontations between the army and Barcelona’s working classes), Ferrer was arrested, again without any proof of his involvement in any revolutionary activities, and executed by firing squad on October 13.

After his execution supporters of Ferrer’s ideas in the US formed a number of their own Modern Schools, or Ferrer Schools.


The first and most notable Modern School was formed in New York in 1911; it was founded by a number of famous anarchists — including Leonard AbbottAlexander BerkmanVoltairine de Cleyre, and Emma Goldman. Later a community, known as ‘Ferrer Colony and Modern School’, was founded. The colony was run by consensus decision-making, and continued only so long as the residents supported it. Anyone was free to leave or join, with no questions asked. The colony’s most respected traditions were lecture groups and social gatherings.

The last surviving Modern School closed its doors in 1958.

Starting your own libertarian school might be one way of countering the forthcoming, banking-induced, cuts in education budgets!

RIP Franciso Ferrer (1859 – 1909)

Article adapted from Wikipedia entries.

One Response to “Centenary of Francisco Ferrer’s Murder”

  1. despicable said

    The corrupting world wide, private enterprise, of the “Narcotics Trade, the “Prostitution Rings,” the corrupting influence of government politicians, on the take, being bought off, and treated like a valuable commodity, by the “Merchants of world wide “Private Capital.” These “Free enterprise merchants of death, that starts world wars, so that they can make “Blood Money” on the backs of the ordinary citizen soldiers.
This powerful capitalist oligarchy, that has power that is all consuming and is of global proportion, dwarfs our government, and every government on the planet. This insidious, global private sector, causes more damage, then governments, because it has bought off most of the politicians and corrupted them, and infiltrated governments on the entire planet. It is this conglomeration of world wide capitalist rule, that rules the people of the world, with an iron hand.
Those that are a part of our PRIVATE SECTOR, for the sake of making a profit, has and had, … made a “Pact, With The Devil,” …and the “PUBLIC BE DAMNED!”
    By pretending that the “GOVERNMENT is the ENEMY,” those that can’t see too well, are distracted from the real enemy, and that enemy is the global oligarchy, of “Capitalist Blood Suckers,” that are intent on continuing their bloody war, on the average, ordinary citizen.
    These criminal, PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, world wide syndicates, are fighting this criminal murderous war, all over our capitalist planet.
    Only a planned “Socialist Economy,” can rid our planet of the private enterprise of criminal gang activity, that is organized to compete, kill, rape, and murder, for profit and power!

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