October 17, 2009

pub_revA couple of days ago Ian Bone posted a story about Pub Revolution (PR). The group’s Facebook page soon experienced ‘technical difficulties’, the page is up and running again with this warning from PR…

“Hi everyone!  In the light of the panic this morning with the facebook maintenance could you email us your email address, pubco and contact numbers.  We would not put it past the big boys to try and sabotage this site anyway so we need to have everyone’s details to stay in touch.  We also need some info for the city analysts.  Could you let us know your weekly rent and your weekly spend on tied products?  keep on recruiting and keep up the good work.  The time is getting very close and the end is nigh.”

This campaign could be huge (first we take back the pubs, then…);  please sign up to the campaign or email (ukmassbeercott[at] offering your support – do it NOW!

This is a very important campaign which should be supported by anarchists everywhere (where else are we gonna hold our meetings and watch dodgy punk bands?). We’re working on an idea for an action that would offer high profile support, if you like to join/help us then email verymerrymen[at]

For those who need to know more this is a summary of the campaign in PR’s own words…

We are a growing army of Tenants and Leaseholders who have quite frankly had enough of the constant bullying and blatant theft of the Pubcos. United we stand and divided we fall, at the current rate of 53 a week and rising. Waiting for the outcome of all the government enquiries and ludicrous spin will be too late for us all. We have decided it’s time to take control of our own destiny, become empowered and take our trade back for ourselves before this great British institution becomes a thing of the past. The stark reality is that our cash is all that is enabling the bullying Pubcos to survive. If they didn’t have OUR money they wouldn’t exist. Let’s do it. Let’s have a PUB REVOLUTION and finish them off! Join us now, if we can get mass support up and down the country then on a date TBA, we will all stop paying them rent and buying tied products – all at the same time. It will:

a) cut off their cash flow sending them under
b) enable us to reduce our prices for the consumer across the board getting them back into our pubs
c) allow us to pay our bills
d) enable us to earn a living again
e) we can pay a FAIR rent to the administrators
f) give us the cash to carry out essential repairs that the Pubcos should be doing, but aren’t
g) give us freedom of product choice, great for the consumer and small brewer. Even the big boys will get a better price from us!
h) even the machine operators will be better off-they won’t have to pay the Pubcos royalty fees.
i) No more trumped up invoices for rating appeals
j) No more emergency delivery charges
k) No more Brulines gestapo
L) and no more useless BRMs

The list is endless. Please feel free to add to it!

What can they do? Take us all to court? Not without our money they can’t, besides, it takes on average 3 months to get ONE leaseholder into court for none payment so imagine how long it would take to get 10 thousand into court. They wouldn’t survive one month if we all stopped paying! How long would we stop payment for? As long as it takes!

Pledge your support now and let’s take control of OUR trade, OUR livelihoods and OUR lives.

Once we’ve taken care of Publican Enemy Number1, addressing all the other issues that have created the perfect storm will be a whole lot easier!
Sign up and pledge your support now, bring on the PUB REVOLUTION NOW!



4 Responses to “PUB REVOLUTION”

  1. I have already joined and i am fully behind you and recruiting as many pubs as i can my rent with ins is £845.55 per week the money they are making from my beer is on average £750.00 per week so they are taking £1600 per week and no repairs the machine takings are a joke on average £150 per week. They have just reopened one of their pubs straight across the road from me at a RENT of £521.46p for a year so what chance have i got this is totally unfair trading.Diane

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  3. linda barton said

    i cannot deal with it anymore….sorry hun..yeh we had a few laughs….my marrage afeter 30 yrss is dead due to the pressure…or him being a dick not sure why…i hope you win….use me as a statistis if i have the courage to end it all

  4. […] we first mentioned them – here & here – the Pub Revolution Movement has gone from strength to strength. They’re […]

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