Leeds Bin Strike Continues

October 21, 2009


92% of Leeds’ Bin Workers have voted to reject Leeds City councils ‘best and final’ deal and continue their strike. It now looks as if the strikers will be out until Christmas.

The deal offered reduced pay-cuts, but asked workers to work harder for their money. Leeds residents say that the bin workers already work at full pace and are often seen running down the street. Union officials said that these ‘productivity clauses’ were “impossible to carry out”.

Leeds’ joint Liberal Democrat and Conservative leaders said that they were “puzzled, disappointed and dismayed” that the offer had been voted down, but then this bunch of bureaucratic parasites  haven’t done an honest days work in their lives!

The strikers retain widespread public sympathy. A benefit concert for them at the weekend, led by actor and musician Keith Allen, featured a “Binmen’s Ballet” song and dance routine by crews, featuring mobile phone rings all taken from the Strawbs’ 1973 hit Part of the Union and choreographed as Refuse to be Beat.


One Response to “Leeds Bin Strike Continues”

  1. Ian Waterhouse said

    With the Leeds bin strike now into its 8th week, frustration at the seemingly random nature of the collection service is rising. Speculation over how Leeds City Council are determining which areas need their rubbish to be collected has lead to the many questioning the rubbish collectors on their rounds and angry calls to the council. It is rumoured that rather than taking the time to assess the areas on the basis of need Leeds City Council are actually relying upon complaint volumes received to determine local need, the theory being that those most in need will complain the most and this will act as a natural barometer for the council. However this would seem to be a high risk tactic for the council to take and raises serious questions about the fairness of their policy. Leeds City Council has declined to comment.

    Complaints to Leeds city council can be registered via phone on: 0113 222 4444 or 0113 222 4406 via their website at:


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