Say No To Fascism – from all sides!

October 21, 2009

It’s obvious that we’re not fans of the BNP and other racist right-wing groups, but religious fascism also poses a threat to our hard-won liberties. Islam for the UK have organised a protest march which will take place on Saturday, October 31st – Halloween.

March 4 Shari’ah will call for the full implementation of Shari’ah Law in the UK…


Anyone who opposes fascism should definitely oppose this!

Isn’t it bad enough that the Labour government is rolling back basic liberties like the right to silence, due process of law, habeas corpus and the right not to be tortured – all in the name of security? Should we really abandon the little democracy we have left to a bunch of overbearing, religious zealots?

Only a fascist would write something like this…

“we have had enough of democracy and man-made law and the depravity of the British culture”

We believe wholeheartedly in religious tolerance, but the key word here is TOLERANCE. Groups like Islam4Uk will only ever damage the general perception people have of Islam, in much the same way that the BNP damage the reputation of our largely tolerant white, working class communities. SAY NO TO FASCISM!


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