Defenders of the Earth… Centre

October 26, 2009

We’re usually more ‘class’ than ‘climate’, but we remember Doncaster Earth Centre before it became corrupted by outside funding. A lot of people from Denaby’s ex-mining community were involved with the site and it had a real DIY vibe to it. As soon as the money started rolling in it was business as usual for Doncaster’s grant monsters and dodgy council types.; Doncaster is an EU ‘assisted’ region that has received a lot of funding over the years, but the usual suspects have made sure that Doncaster residents do not benefit from the millions injected into the region. The closure of the Earth Centre was just one more kick in the teeth for Doncaster residents.


A group of people are meeting at the Earth Centre every Fri at 1pm with the intention of brining it back into the hands of local people. More information about the group and the Earth Centre in general can be found here or email thereismore2lifefolks [at]

See you Friday 😉


One Response to “Defenders of the Earth… Centre”

  1. we also meet on a sunday at 1 if you cant make friday 🙂

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