The ‘Pub Revolution Movement’ Needs YOU!!! – NOW!!!

October 27, 2009


Yesterday the Pub Revolution Movement Facebook page witnessed some pretty harrowing events. Clare from Liverpool posted the following comments…

10:05  Can anybody help us please? The baliff is in downstairs and we don’t know what to do

People on the site began to try and help, calling for anyone in Liverpool to give Clare a hand. As somebody rightfully observed…

11:06  What’s the world coming to. We’ve got a 15 year old girl and her mother scared whitless while there “partners” are rubbing there hands and laughing all the way to the bank.

But things got worse and Clare reported…

11:16  its too late now, we asked him to leave but he refused so we called the police. The police said they couldn’t do anything so hetold my mum to pay all that she owes up front.She couldn’t because she doesn’t have the money so she told me… to go and pack my things and my brother and sisters things so we can go to our nans. He wouldn’t let us leave and has given us until saturday to get out

Anyone who’s been through an eviction will know how helpless you can feel, especially if you’re 15!  Today Maggie from PRM sent out the following message…

“Morning everybody!  In the light of Clare’s experience yesterday we need everyone to recruit more people.  The depths to which these pubcos will go never ceases to amaze me.  Make it your goal to recruit one more person today, for Clare and her Mum as well as yourselves.  Also welcome to all newcomers.  If you have not already done so could you forward me the following details: area, pub, pubco, weekly rent and weekly tied products spend please.  This will enable us to have accurate figures.  please send to  If anyone has any local media contacts then could we urge you to use them.  The publicity is increasing daily but we need everyone’s help.  Here’s to the final countdown.”

We would add that anyone with experience of evictions should keep an eye on the message board in case something like this happens near them.  Join the PRM group and/or the PRM supporters group today!

prm supporters


2 Responses to “The ‘Pub Revolution Movement’ Needs YOU!!! – NOW!!!”

  1. Just a note to thankyou for your continued support in our campaign against the despicable greed of PLC.

    Stressed Pubowner

  2. What’s happening FACEBOOK ????? re:members being banned or taken off the site.Do we not have a right to freedom of speech on there ?. Who decides what is right or wrong on there ? is it moderators ? and who controls the moderators ? Members of Pub Revolution Movement and other interested parties please look at this. makes you wonder ..

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