Marmite Mayor Hates Trees Even More Than He Hates Johnny Foreigner

November 21, 2009



Last month we talked about Doncaster’s Elected Mayor, Peter Davies, and his blatant freeloading

Racing fan Mr Davies was gifted two days out at this year’s St Leger Festival. His attendance on Ladies ‘Day, worth £215, was paid for by Doncaster Chamber of Commerce, while on the Friday of the festival he enjoyed the hospitality of racecourse operator Arena Leisure, worth £219.

It turns out the powers that be from the racecourse have called in a favour in return for their ‘hospitality’. Climate Change Denier Davies is trying to cut down a number of trees, including chestnuts, rowans, sycamores and beeches, because they obscure the view from the racecourse grandstands. The only trouble is that the trees in question stand on common ground that is owned by the people of Doncaster – not the racecourse, and definitely not our fascist-lite Mayor!

Doncaster Common Action Group, which campaigns for the site to remain unspoilt and open to free public access, slammed the decision. The DCAG chairman, Dave Shaw, has said in an interview with the Doncaster Free Press:

“If I went willy-nilly into Sandall Beat Wood and started cutting down trees I would be prosecuted and thrown in jail. But the council thinks it can do what it likes. The truth of the matter is that it is a common and it is there for the enjoyment of all the people of Doncaster, not just racegoers. Those trees don’t belong to the mayor; they don’t belong to the council; they don’t belong to anyone. They are part of the common.”

A letter writer in the Free Press also made a good point…

“I would like to inform the mayor that the common is not his private fiefdom, nor does it belong to the racecourse or any racegoer.  It does however belong to the people of Doncaster. As such it is used freely 365 days a year, not just on the 20 or 30 half days of the racing calendar.”

This Mayor is as dodgy as the last one. The only way to rid ourselves of these parasites is to get rid of the position of ‘Elected Mayor’ and fight for real democracy in local government.


16 Responses to “Marmite Mayor Hates Trees Even More Than He Hates Johnny Foreigner”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Dave Edwards, Dave Edwards. Dave Edwards said: Marmite Mayor Hates Trees Even More Than He Hates Johnny Foreigner […]

  2. Dave E said

    Come on though, fair’s fair, he does like the Taliban

  3. Harold Saxton Burr (neuro-anatomist) discovered the electro dynamic force fields of living organisms. He showed each species and subspecies of plant has its own pattern. He scientifically proved that trees show a daily rhythm, minimum in the early morning and maximum in the evening. Their bio electrical fields react to the phases of the moon and the solar cycle. Trees show an annual rhythm, minimum in april and maximum in september. Tree hugging is good for you.

  4. Gaius Magnus said

    Why is it that so many people cannot simply argue a case in a logical adult way. Why this immaturity? I have fought for common land in Doncaster without the childish drawings and the defend attack behaviour. This is simply not the way to persuade my friend, no matter how good your cause?

  5. we are it is humour best way sometimes of getting a message out there or Gaius Magnus what do you propose ask them oh so plolite?

  6. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    Ah ‘maturity’, nirvana to ‘do-right’ people the world over.

    But when ‘do-right’ people do wrong – as they so often do – ‘mature’ minds give us alienation, H-bombs and climate change.

    We’re with the kids! Children can be cruel, but at least they’re never patronising 😉

    We’re joking of course. But on a more serious note we might add that those who can remain civil in the face of fascism perhaps fail to understand the true nature of their opponent.

  7. xxxxx2222 said

    Read history my friend. You have no idea what fascism is if you think this country if fascist! Oddly enough, the H-Bomb was built to be used in a war against fascism.

  8. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    You’re referring to different parts of our rather flippant comment. Nowhere do we say that the country we live in is fascist – though we’re definitely heading that way 😉

    The first part is about the veneer of ‘maturity’ which disguises the most obscene actions of man. Nothing to do with fascism.

    The fascist remark refers to the Mayor of Doncaster – we thought he was just a wannabe Tory, but his actions have proved more fascistic. It would be interesting to see his results on the political compass –

    As for history, WWII was anti-fascist at a grass-roots level, but the British establishment at the time was more ‘muddled’ in its aspirations. Check out Alex Comfort’s 1983 article ‘1939 and 1984: George Orwell and the Vision of Judgement’ which appears in his essay collection ‘Writings Against Power & Death’ – it’s far more eloquent than we are and it sets the scene for the development of the H-Bomb.

  9. xxxxx2222 ha to fucking clear you facist scum..

  10. xxxxx2222 said

    I think you make my point most eloquently. Maybe some anger management……….?

  11. xxxxx2222 i mod my blog so people like you do not the right to speak, some anger management……….? indeed i often give a good kick to facist scum works wonders in my anger management..

  12. xxxxx2222 said

    1. Do not give the right to speak to those with whom you disagree.
    2. Give those people a good kicking.
    Yes, sounds just like a member of the Sturm Abteilungen!
    I bet you have a brown shirt hidden away in the wardrobe, nice black trousers and shiny black boots. Never forget, the Nazis were socialists!

  13. Class War - Barnsdale Brigade said

    “Never forget, the Nazis were socialists!”

    Never forget, the Barnsdale Brigade are anarchists! 😉

  14. Intake lad said

    This imbecile has now had 130 trees cut down over 3ha of Doncaster Common by Council staff without even consulting the Trustees of the common or the locals. This is why he’s wanting to get rid of local democracy, so he can freeload on the rates and do what he likes. All to do with £120m media rights for Channel 4 Racing. Doncaster Racecourse Management Company Limited have so far tipped thousands of tonnes of building waste on the Common, much of which is still there and the area totally despoiled, obstructed Sandall Beat Road and nearly killed a local woman, for which the have just been fined £25k plus £10k costs and now felled all the trees at one end of the Common. Blame the local Lib Dems for letting him get away with it!

  15. […] brown-envelope-shifting scumbag he replaced. We’ve talked about his freeloading here and here and the second post just received the following comment… “This imbecile [Mr Davies] has […]

  16. Donn Rock said

    If only more than 41 people would hear this!

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