Let’s Milk Nick Gri££in’s Cash Cow Dry… but why stop there?

November 28, 2009

There’s a great campaign taking place over at Facebook at the moment. The ‘Bankrupt the BNP‘ group intends to make good use of the BNP’s FREEPOST mailing address. Each time somebody posts a letter to the…

British Heritage, FREEPOST

…address, it costs the BNP 42p. The Facebook group page says…

“people this is the plan:

join >> invite >> print >> post

and repeat.”

Which sounds like a pretty good plan to us 🙂

There’s plenty of other good ideas to be found on the group’s posts, such as…

“Shockingly the BNP freephone 0800 0086191 is also being abused – every call costs them money and they are short of funds… Naughty scamps are dialing from a payphone and leaving it off the hook!Obviously do not call from your own landline because they will know the number which you are calling from. You cannot use prefix 141 because BNP have blocked anonymous callers.

You can also request flyers/stickers/other promotional material free of charge to display in your window/car/etc. Ask for as much as possible and recycle it !!!”

As antifascists we love this idea, but as anarchists we recognise that Gri££in differs from other political scum more by degree than by design. The Tories physically attacked Doncaster communities and caused a quarter of a century of impoverishment. The Labour Party has introduced over 3000 new crimes since 1997 and has whittled away our hard-won liberties – such as Habeas corpus, the right not to be tortured, etc, etc, and even, with their supposed solutions to anti-social behaviour, the right to a trial by a jury of our peers – to a higher degree than any other peacetime government. ALL mainstream political parties follow the same socially and environmentally destructive Neoliberal (and highly fascistic) economic trajectory that has been responsible for so much suffering in working class communities – and ALL of them have loads of FREEPOST addresses; here are a few for starters…

The Labour Party, FREEPOST, Nat 8909, Nottingham, NG2 1BR

The Conservative Party, FREEPOST, SWB 176, Bristol, BS6 5BR

The Liberal Democrats, FREEPOST, RLSY-AEBU-YYRC, London, N21 2PR

It’s great fun tracking down new FREEPOST addresses and FREEPHONE numbers, try it for yourself 🙂

*DISCLAIMER: Since the Tories and Labour have both bent over backwards to help introduce archaic, free-speech-quashing, conspiracy laws we would like to point out that this post is written purely for fun. We would in no way seek to encourage people to fight back against a corrupt political system that robs the majority of the population of their time, resources, freedom and dignity – honest.


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