Marmite Mayor’s Idea of a Holiday…

November 29, 2009

The Doncaster Free Press has an interesting article about Doncaster’s inept Mayor…
Celebration Plan for Donny Folk
A DAY to commemorate the borough receiving the Royal Charter hundreds of years ago could be celebrated annually and funded by Doncaster Council.

Mayor Peter Davies has asked to see what work could be done to celebrate both St George’s Day and Doncaster Day – when the charter was received in 1194 – according to Freedom of Information documents.

However Mr Davies told the Free Press that no formal decision had been made on either proposal.

The move comes after the documents also suggested Mr Davies wants to stop the council’s involvement in Black History Month, International Women’s Day and Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Month.

However the English Democrats member, who earlier in the year said the council will stop future funding for Doncaster’s Gay Pride annual event, also said those decisions were not final.

He said: “The fact is that my views were supported by the electorate who voted for me as mayor.

“There are expectations of me to take steps to deliver on these commitments, regardless of the views of one or two people who may or may not live in this borough and who would appear to be undermining the democratic process.

“I repeat that I have asked officers to undertake an assessment of the impact of my proposals in order that a final decision can be made.”

However Dr Glenda Stone, founder of, said Mr Davies’ proposed snub of three minority events could affect equality rights in the long run.

She said: “It is important that industry and government bodies continue to honour and celebrate International Women’s Day because absence can certainly breed complacency.

“The reality is that 99 years on there are still issues that have not been resolved for women and still are only improving at a snail’s pace.”

It’s worth pointing out that before he became Mayor, Peter Davies argued that the position of Elected Mayor itself was undemocratic – but hey, we’re all entitled to a change of heart. Talking of ‘heart’ it was Richard I (aka Richard the Lionheart) who granted Doncaster it’s Royal Charter in 1194. Richard I barred Jews and women from his coronation ceremony – no wonder Mayor Davies sees good reason to celebrate!


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