If The Grinch Wanted To Steal Christmas He Should Have Opened An Ebay Account

December 1, 2009

We’re used to toy manufacturers and the media creating a demand (echoes of Lorraine Kelly saying “and this year’s Top Ten Toys are…”) and then failing to supply so that they can charge extortionate prices for unimaginative pieces of plastic. But in recent years things have gotten a whole lot worse thanks to a new breed of secondary abusers muscling in to make things even harder for parents.

Thousands of unscrupulous Ebay traders make a small fortune by buying up this years favourite toys and then selling them for a tidy profit. For instance, a Star Wars Lego toy that retails at the already ridiculous price of £75 has been bought up by Ebay con-men (making it difficult for genuine customers to buy them legitimately) and is being sold for £115 + postage. And people are actually paying these bastards for the privilege!

We’re anti-capitalist, anti-CONsumerist, anarchists, but we’re also low paid working class parents. We know the immense social pressures that parents are under, but if people pay these Ebay parasites then the problem will only get worse.

We’d love to be the kind of parents who can say to their kids “Right, this year we’re going to make all our prezzies from bits of driftwood and we’re gonna dumpster dive for a turkey.”, but we’re not. What we can do though is explain to our kids why it is that certain nasty people are very, very greedy and how this means that other people don’t get their fair share of things. In the long run we’d be doing them a favour. We have to ask ourselves why it is that we’re prepared to give our children everything but the truth.

We have to fight back against the Ebay parasites – it’s easy, don’t give them your money. Then we need to start on the rip-off toy manufacturers!

*On a political note Ebay is the best illustration there is to the fact that free market libertarians and, so called, anarcho-capitalists are totally wrong. The myth of self-regulating market forces falls to pieces in this hideous micro-economic experiment  – the market, as usual, becomes manipulated by greedy little freaks who have no concept of ethics of fairness.


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