Warmongers Fly Donny Air

December 5, 2009

Scumbag arms dealers, BAE Systems, have announced their intentions to set up an air training academy in Doncaster (they probably heard how lenient the Doncaster authorities are with other arms dealing companies). These multi-national, multi-billion, out of control, blood-money-men have moved into the £5 million ‘Hangar 3’ at Doncaster/Sheffield Robin Hood Airport. BAE claim that over the next five years the aviation training centre will train 500 apprentices from across the country to become qualified aircraft technicians.

This sounds rather innocent, but BAE Systems is not the British Aerospace of old (not that they were really much better in practice). As Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) say…

BAE Systems, the company that was British Aerospace before it became too ‘global’ for ‘British’, is the world’s third largest arms producer. It makes fighter aircraft, warships, tanks, armoured vehicles, artillery systems, missiles, munitions and much more. Its only significant non-military business, Airbus, was sold off in 2006.

These arms are sold indiscriminately around the world and the company thrives on insecurity. Its 2005 Annual Report candidly states that “New threats and conflict arenas are placing unprecedented demands on military forces and presenting BAE Systems with new challenges and opportunities…”.

Not that this fazes Mike Morton, the director of Robin Hood Airport, who reckons: “The academy is another brilliant asset for young people in Doncaster, who can now benefit from the highest quality aircraft engineering training, which perhaps may have been unattainable otherwise.”

Which echoes Peel Holding’s lie that the airport would create 6000 local jobs. Like the airport itself, the academy will have a minimal impact – if any – on Doncaster’s communities (thought we’re pretty sure it will line the pockets of the usual suspects in local government and business community).

BAE Systems are one of the most corrupt, unethical and dangerous companies in the world. CAAT have published a number of reports on the company over the years including…
pdfBAE: a company out of control (55kb) or webpage – Updated May 2008
pdfBAE: a company out of control(52kb) or view as webpage – Apr 2007
pdfBAE Systems in 2005 (183kb) or view as a web page – May 2006
pdfBAE Systems in the News (1mb) – May 2005
pdfBAE Systems Alternative Report (340kb) – May 2004
BAE Systems report from CAAT’s DSEi 2003 briefing – Sept 2003
BAE Systems Locations from CAAT’s 2003 Site Unseen Campaign
pdfBAE Systems Alternative Report (314kb) – April 2002
pdfBAE Systems Alternative Report (73kb) – April 2001

These all make grim, but essential reading – maybe Mike Morton should have read them before getting into bed with BAE?!?

The Barnsdale Brigade would recommend that you join the CAAT and boycott Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport – and remember to tell them why…

Customer services
Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield
Heyford House
First Avenue

*Don’t bother phoning, they charge 10p & 17p per minute.


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