‘My Arse’ knows ‘The Score’

December 6, 2009

The Barnsdale Brigade are delighted to be writing for a new magazine currently being produced by the Yorkshire Anarchist Group (YAG). ‘The Score‘ will be a magazine about Yorkshire and Anarchism – but not exclusively so – which is designed to be sold in streets, pubs, shopping centres and playgrounds rather than at political meetings. The YAG promise us that it will be political, but not preachy; popular, but not patronising.

The YAG are currently calling for submissions for the mag. They want articles of 300-500 words (lengthier text will be considered if you have something original, important and/or very funny to say) along with any artworks, jokes, news and views. Submissions must arrive by 1st February (punctual anarchists, now there’s a first!). Contact them via…

yorkshire.anarchist [at] gmail.com

… or visit their blog.


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