Ed Miliband = As Green As Custard!

December 12, 2009

Our mates and co-conspirators, the Yorkshire Anarchist Group (YAG), have recently reported on the latest waste of public resources in Yorkshire (if you want a real laugh read scumbag Austin Mitchell’s attempts to defend his parasitic ways). In their article they mention Climate Change Minister, Ed Maxibland‘s, expense claim for 831 pints of bottled water as an ‘office purchase’.

Apart from being a complete rip-off, bottled water is probably one of the least green purchases you can make. Maxibland is, of course, MP for Doncaster North and, as we said to the YAG, we live near his office and we haven’t noticed a drought in quite some time. What’s wrong with bloody tap water Eddie? Are you worried about getting osteoporosis from the fluride which your government wants to add to the entire drinking supply?

Not that we should be surprised by such hypocrisy; Ed and his brother, Div, are typical clone politicians. Like all MPs they were bred from test-tubes and raised far, far away from the contaminating ‘real world’ which the rest of us mere mortals are forced to endure. For the first ten years of their lives they learn two sentences on every conceivable subject so that they can feign competence. For the next ten years they practice answering questions with questions so that they never have to actually answer a question again as long as they live. Then, on their 20th birthday, they have their scrupple gland removed and, hey-presto, you have a perfect politician – practically pointless in every way!

For more on Ed Maxibland visit this page posted by our friends at We Love the Earth Centre.

Kermit = GREEN

Custard = NOT GREEN

Maxibland = ?

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