Whose Economy?

December 19, 2009

This week the Doncaster Free Press welcomed the news that EasyJet were to fly from Doncaster Airport with the following headline…

EasyJet coup could bring a £150 million bonanza for local economy

Unfortunately the word ‘could’ is used in Free Press headlines to mean ‘probably won’t’; like the thousands of local jobs that the paper said ‘could’ be created by the airport in the first place or the original boost to the local economy that the launch of the airport ‘could’ bring. Then when arms dealer scumbags BAE Systems moved in they ran the same kind of story saying that this project ‘could’ produce 1000s of local jobs. It’s all bull.

But what if we’re wrong? What if this time the money does start rolling in?

If there was a boost in the local economy it would be swallowed up by the usual parasites. None of it would aid the thousands of people in our region who are currently losing their homes to repossession. None of it would help build our shattered communities. And a good deal of it would help this man get even more bloated and obnoxious…

whose economy

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