It’s called a ‘COMMON’ for a reason Mr Davies!

January 27, 2010



We’ve long since suspected that Doncaster’s Elected Mayor, Peter Davies of the English Democrats, is as corrupt as the dodgy-dealing, brown-envelope-shifting scumbag he replaced. We’ve talked about his freeloading here and here and the second post just received the following comment…

“This imbecile [Mr Davies] has now had 130 trees cut down over 3ha of Doncaster Common by Council staff without even consulting the Trustees of the common or the locals.

This is why he’s wanting to get rid of local democracy, so he can freeload on the rates and do what he likes. All to do with £120m media rights for Channel 4 Racing.

Doncaster Racecourse Management Company Limited have so far tipped thousands of tonnes of building waste on the Common, much of which is still there and the area totally despoiled, obstructed Sandall Beat Road and nearly killed a local woman, for which the have just been fined £25k plus £10k costs and now felled all the trees at one end of the Common.

Blame the local Lib Dems for letting him get away with it!”

The Mayor of Doncaster is a tax-fiddling, freeloading liability who should be removed from office before he does even more damage. The position of Elected Mayor is undemocratic and should be abolished forthwith. And every department in our 1-star council should be made directly responsible to the people of Doncaster. Only then will we be able to build a council fit for purpose – and wouldn’t that make a pleasant change!


One Response to “It’s called a ‘COMMON’ for a reason Mr Davies!”

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