Changes to the Yorkshire Anarchist Group launch event…

February 2, 2010

Some sad news from the YAG

As you know the Yorkshire Anarchist Group launch dinner takes place from 11am this Saturday (6th February) at the 1in12 Club in Bradford. This is when the YAG will officially be born and where YOU can help shape its future.

Unfortunately, due to ill-health, Ian Bone is no longer able to be guest speaker, but we do have a host of interesting local speakers and regular ‘open mic’ sessions – not to mention good food and booze and FREE commemorative badges and beer mats!

We hope that Ian is feeling more like his usual self sometime soon and that he’s fit for the forthcoming anti-election campaign – something we will be talking about in some detail this Saturday; see you there!


3 Responses to “Changes to the Yorkshire Anarchist Group launch event…”

  1. Michael said

    you should have booked that well-known leftie Tony Blair esq, I’m sure he’s good with short notice…;)

    • Hmmm, seems like little Mikey is is getting his political understanding from the ‘Ladybird Book of Politics’.

      We’re “Anarchists”. An-Archon, as in ‘no leaders’. ‘No’ as in ‘not any’, let alone any from the left or right.

      It’s not perfect by any means but the Political Compass ( will give you a good idea as to why your left/right, yes/no, oppositional boy’s club vision of politics is meaningless to anarchists – and why it is incapable of providing genuine social change. The real division is between authority and freedom, liberty and servitude – including servitude to outmoded political ideology.

      • Michael said

        I went on there some months ago. I thought I was centre-right, turns out I’m precisely centrist on their cross-hair chart.

        I don’t think it’s human nature to be without a leadership figure. Whichever group, class, race, culture, job, social circle etc., a leader figure emerges and the rest like to follow. It’s human nature.

        People like their needs/views channeled through a single figure that can offer clarity, function and direction. When you don’t have that you have many competing voices drowning everything out.

        Give an example of a leaderless people that can successfully function for their mutual good in our world today, or perhaps in the past?

        Anyway, if your issue is with having NO leaders, why the beef with capitalism? (Hence my thinking you’re a commie leftie;)
        It’s how we can generate money enough for state education, NHS, welfare etc..

        Capitalism pays for the socialist projects that look after people that wouldn’t get it any other way.

        Cuba failed, soviet economy failed, China tried it till they figured out capitalism in early ’90’s, now heading towards mega wealth (how they spend it is a different matter, but they are now generating the money that could pay for properly supporting it’s people).

        Without leadership roles, how do you delegate responsibility for the provision of peoples needs including the means to make it happen?

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