February 2, 2010

Bristol’s ‘Tangent Books‘, one of the best independent publishers in the country, have been hit hard by the recession. We really can’t afford to lose any of the UK’s remaining small publishers so the Barnsdale Brigade is urging everyone to show their support – and get some bloody good merchandise in the process!..

Class War fans will know that Tangent publish books from Ian Bone, if you haven’t got yourself the following titles get them NOW!!! (if you’ve aleady got a copy give it to a mate and get yourself another copy)

Bash The Rich (limited edition)

Bash the Rich

Hartmann the Anarchist

Or treat yourself to the Bash the Rich poster which includes the most popular Class War cover of all time…


There’s plenty more to chose from in the full Tangent range, visit their site and treat yourself 😉

And if you’ve got plenty of coin why not pay the full price instead of the very generous sale prices?


3 Responses to “SUPPORT TANGENT BOOKS!!!”

  1. Michael said

    Did you say we have to PAY for these books? But…but…isn’t that Capitalism? No wait…er…that will be special fair, humanitarian, socialist pounds, not the evil, selfish, wrong capitalist pounds! I forgot the difference.

    • Ahhh bless, it’s little Mikey again and his cute little assumptions.

      Firstly, you assume that we’re the usual holier-than-thou political types who are unable to make compromises in an imperfect world. Secondly we’re anarchists, not communists.

      Can’t be bothered to get into a political debate here, so read Tom Hodgkinson’s ‘How to be Free’ for something that’s similar to our position regarding economy and trade.

      Up the Artisan! Go for Guilds!

      • Michael said

        I guess i’m going off you’re many anti-capitalist comments. If your way could work better then fine let’s rock n roll with that…

        It just won’t ever happen.

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