BNP = Basque National Party

March 12, 2010

The Guardian has reported that Nick Gri££in’s cash cow, the BNP, have been told that their constitution is still illegal and have therefore been barred from taking new members.

Apparently the BNP rules stipulate that only “indigenous Caucasians” and people from ethnic groups “emanating from that race” could join. So what exactly does that mean?

They can’t mean the Celts or the Danes or the Romans of the Anglo Saxons – none of these invading armies can be described as truly ‘indigenous’. So which “indigenous Caucasians” are they referring to?

Genetically speaking we’re mostly Spanish! The work of Stephen Oppenheimer of Oxford University has shown that 70 percent of Scottish men and 68 percent of the English have DNA that suggests they are descended from people who arrived in Britain more than 7,500 years ago from the Basque region of Northern Spain.

The conventional view has been that the Scots, Irish and Welsh are descended from Celts who arrived in the area comparatively recently, while the ancestors of the English are for the most part the Anglo-Saxons who drove the others into the hills as the Roman Empire was collapsing. But Oppenheimer says the DNA tells a different story.

‘The ancestors of some 88 percent of the Irish, 81 percent of the Welsh, 79 percent of the Cornish, 70 percent of Scots and 68 percent of the English arrived here during that period,” he said. “None of the later immigrations contributed anything more than 5 percent to the gene pool. So genetically speaking, Scots have more in common with the English than they have differences.’”

The following from Oppenheimer’s book, ‘Origins of the British’ (2006)…

“…75-95% of British Isles (genetic) matches derive from Iberia… Ireland, coastal Wales, and central and west-coast Scotland are almost entirely made up from Iberian founders, while the rest of the non-English parts of the British Isles have similarly high rates. England has rather lower rates of Iberian types with marked heterogeneity, but no English sample has less than 58% of Iberian samples…”

So there you have it, if you want to join the BNP you’d better be Basque!

Let’s face it, we British are, and always have been, a mongrel race – and some of us are bloody proud that fact 😉


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