Marmite Mayor’s Evil Plans Halted by 75-year-old Lady (for now!)

March 16, 2010

Three cheers for Kathleen Lightfoot!!!

75 year old Kathleen, a member of  Friends of Doncaster Common, and a handful of local residents stopped the destruction of trees on the common yesterday when they sat in them and refused to move.

Elected Mayor, Peter Davies, wants about 800 trees at Doncaster Racecourse to be cut down because he says they interfere with the views of racegoers!

We’ve mentioned the Mayor’s unhealthy interest in Donny Races before (see here and here) and his actions would seem to confirm the suspicions of many Doncaster residents. The actions of Davies and his even dodgier predecessor, Winters, would also seem to confirm that the position of ‘Elected Mayor’ is undemocratic and open to high levels of abuse.

Davies must go, and so must the position of ‘Elected Mayor’.


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