SPRING is SPRUNG – the Great ‘FREE FOOD OFFER’ is Back!!!

March 20, 2010

The first day of Spring is finally here 🙂

It may be a bit naff outside today, but there are already gorgeous green Ramsons (Allium ursinum or  ‘Wild Garlic’) leaves in abundance on the south-facing banks of the River Don – yum 😛

Ramsons leaves are edible; they can be used as salad, seasoning or boiled as a vegetable. They can be finely chopped to replace chives (to which Ramsons are related) or as an ingredient for pesto in lieu of basil. The bulbs and flowers are also very tasty (but you’ll have to be a bit more patient for the flowers). Ramsons are great with Spring Lamb if you’re a carnivore; they also lift a leafy salad if you’re a more sensible veggie type. So get out and enjoy this wonderful FREE OFFER, but be quick, it won’t last forever!


*N.B. Ramsons leaves are easily mistaken for lily of the valley, sometimes also those of Colchicum autumnale and Arum maculatum. All three are poisonous and possibly deadly. A good means of positively identifying ramsons is grinding the leaves between one’s fingers, which should produce a garlic-like smell.


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