Time to Power up the AMP

March 30, 2010

The Barnsdale Brigade are proud to be a part of the Yorkshire Anarchist Group’s ‘Anarchist Media Project‘ (AMP). This is an attempt to pool/share skills, knowledge and resources to create a range of propa-propaganda.

As the YAG say…

The plan is to occasionally meet up, identify, swap and  develop available skills and resources in the hope of making anarchism and anarchist projects more visible – and therefore more accessible.

So far the AMP is a small group of people with a mixture of talents – artists, designers, writers, printers, technicians, etc. – but it is completely open and anyone can get involved.

If you have a talent you would like to share (anything from programming to knitting will come in handy – but we’re especially interested in screen-printers 😉 ); if you have access to equipment and resources (especially if you’re a paper merchant); if you would like to learn new skills (in a very relaxed environment); or if you want access to equipment and resources yourself (or for any anarchist project you have in mind), then get in touch with the AMP via…

yorkshire.anarchist [at] gmail.com.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, the very talented Mr T was out testing equipment in York last night…

Which ties in nicely with what we said here, here, and here.  The media project is simply the first step to creating the world which we desire. The greater the number of people who get involved, the greater the amount of skills, knowledge and resources the group acquires. What starts as a media/propaganda project has the potential to grow in any direction we like – from tiny acorns and all that.

After all if we truly want a better, freer society then history shows that we’re gonna have to build it ourselves 😉


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