Something Smellie’s Fishy around Here

March 31, 2010

Delroy Smellie, the Met mad-man who was filmed hitting a woman with a baton at the G20 demonstrations walked free from court today after a judge ruled he acted lawfully.

We supposed the same judge thinks that arbitrary detention (illegal for 800 years in this county under Magna Carta), also known as kettling, and manslaughter are also ‘lawful’ as long as it’s the rozzers who are committing these atrocious acts.

Incredibly District Judge Daphne Wickham had already ruled that the victim’s witness statement could not be read to the court as it was “not in the interests of justice”. But this case has had absolutely nothing to do with ‘justice’.

No single judge should preside over a case like this. When a representative of the law  (such as it is) is on trial only a jury of our peers can be trusted to remain objective.

The sad truth is that a country can never have true justice until it has a fully open and accessible legal system. The Levellers were arguing for an elected judiciary over 360 years ago – and with the actions of our judges, lawyers and solicitors, isn’t it high time we called for the same thing?

*Interestingly enough Judge Wickham was the one who refused to arrest the Isreali Defence Minister for War Crimes.

14 Responses to “Something Smellie’s Fishy around Here”

  1. Peter Reynolds said

    This is an outrageous verdict. We used to be so proud of “British justice”. Now we are a laughing stock.

  2. Michael said

    A great day for law enforcement, and a sad day for full-time unemployed, dope-smoking, waste of air/space, Nichola Fisher.

    Imagine a country were you can smash up a city centre, destroy cars and property that other people have actually WORKED to pay for, and you can freely spit at, kick, verbally abuse, threaten those members of the general public WORKING in a very tough job…AND BE ALLOWED TO WALK FREE back to a life of long-term sponging of the state in the name of some kind of pseudo ‘anti-capitalist’ crusade and a bit of token protesting designed to make you look authentic.

    That’s not a country I want to live in.

    • Rasta said

      You obviously weren’t at the G20 protest, dick-for-brains, as no one was doing the thinngs you describe at that protest, let alone at the vigil for Ian Tomlinson that Smellie attacked Nicola at.
      Go fuck yourself with a rusty screwdriver you nitwit.

  3. Peter Reynolds said

    I don’t want to live in a country where people like Michael are given any support or credence. Anyone who considers that this verdict is “a great day for law enforcement” needs to be locked up.

  4. Michael said

    Hang on…????!!!???

    YOU talk like you believe in freedom, yes? Hence you’re problem with the verdict?, yes?!?

    How does THAT equate to ‘locking me up’ for having an opinion??????????????????????????????

    You remind me of the BNP and UAF. Turn out the UAF is more violent than the BNP. Not what you’d expect is it.

  5. Peter Reynolds said

    It was your sanity I was questioning, not your right to an opinion! I wasn’t talking about prison. I was talking about the lunatic asylum!

    If you seriously believe that this verdict is “a great day for law enforcement” then you have flipped your lid!

  6. Michael said

    Well, fella, it’s quite straightforward…er…I’ll have another go…

    1. Don’t disobey the cops
    2. Don’t throw stuff at them
    3. Don’t attack them

    If you do that, if you protest in a civilized way, you might find the cops just stand around chit chatting with people around them.

    It can appear from reading you’re comments you find this unreasonable. Why? Do you support violent protest? Is this what you do by any chance?

  7. Peter Reynolds said

    Alright, I was rude to you. I apologise.

    As for “1,2,3”, it’s for cops to obey those sort of orders and for the public to protest as they wish. ANYONE guilty of violence (particularly when it’s unprovoked and against a woman half your size) should be locked up – in jail!

  8. Michael said

    Okay, good, we’re nearly there.

    You say:
    ‘As for “1,2,3″, it’s for cops to obey those sort of orders and for the public to protest as they wish.’

    123 applies to the general public – they CAN’T protest how they wish. Some think protesting means trashing the city. Suppose your car (or whatever) was trashed in a demo. They say ‘We’re just protesting how we wish’. You’d be cool with that?

    You say:
    ‘ANYONE guilty of violence (particularly when it’s unprovoked and against a woman half your size) should be locked up – in jail!’

    Phew!!! You had me worried. You had looked like an ‘anything goes if you a civvy but not the cops ‘cos their crap’ type guy in previous comments. I agree with that last bit of your comment.

    I would say though, little women can be strong and good at wielding knives and frying pans at larger men, and playing on the whole ‘men can’t do anything back’ thing if a man has to think about whether to defend himself or not. Don’t dismiss Fisher as not being a credible threat because she appears little. She plays on that thanks to Max Clifford.

  9. Peter Reynolds said

    I shall have to call you PC Mike from now on!

    Criminal damage is criminal damage. Protest as you wish, within the law. Wise law enforcers will allow a little latitude and exercise a little leniency.

    Don’ya talk to me about violent women! I spent three months on remand in Brixton when a bunch of dumb cops took me away while my “girlfriend” stood next to me holding a bloodied baseball bat! I am still a supporter of the police. That’s why I believe we should come down so hard on those that betray the public’s trust and/or those that are incompetent, dishonest or corrupt.

    I don’t really agree with Nicola Fisher’s behaviour but it was within the bounds of reasonable protest. Sgt Smellie is a bully and a brute. If he can’t cope with a situation like that without getting violent then he shouldn’t be a policeman. In any case, he should be in jail!

  10. The biggest flaw we can see in Michael’s 1,2,3 argument is the fact that a man who wasn’t a protester and who was in no way attacking the police lost his life because of the brutal actions of the Met.

    As we mentioned in the post the Met’s use of arbitrary detention (kettling) should never be accepted under UK law, because that law is founded on Magna Carta which, of course, provided protections against such abuses of authority. If the police had not adopted this practice during the G20 then Mr Tomlinson would still be alive.

    Kettling was first practised in the UK during the miners strike – which is also where we were first politicised. Living in a pit village we saw the difference between local bobbies and the sort of people who make up the Met. A friend of ours, one of the gentlest men you could ever meet, lost a portion of his large bowel thanks to these professional thugs. But we also witnessed a local bobby pushing a wheelbarrow full of stolen coal for an elderly gentleman during the 84/85 winter – which opens a whole other bunch of moral/legal/justice issues 😉

    Once politicised we spent much of the 90s involved with Reclaim The Streets. In Leeds we witnessed a member of the CID attack a pregnant lady (we have no idea whether she was a dole scrounging, dope smoker or not – and quite frankly we don’t care). After violently shaking her a few clothed police officers pulled him off, he then broke free and pulled out a CS gas canister. Luckily he held it the wrong way round and only managed to spray himself. The media, of course, reported that a police officer had been injured during a protest event.

    We’re not trying to demonise the police (much ;-)), we just think that they should be held accountable for their actions – like anyone else (possibly even more so).

    It’s also worth bearing in mind that it has become harder and harder to conduct legitimate non-violent protest in the UK. And as our liberties are slowly eroded the situation will become more and more desperate until events like the G20 are seen as the good old days.

    • Rasta said

      The police demonise their fucking selves. Fair enough, there are exceptions to the rule, but ask any working class youth, especially Black youth if they like the police and see what answer you get… and like KRS-ONE asked “why is that?”
      R.I.P. Ian Tomlinson.
      Smellie, may the ancestors curse you, you embarrasment to all African blood people worldwide.

  11. Peter Reynolds said

    And for anyone who has any more doubts see Newsnight’s report tonight on the way those arrested after the Gaza protest have been treated as terrorists.

    If the police (and whoever else has direct, executive control of these incidents)continue to behave like this then they will inevitably lose their own authority, probably through violence which will be entirely of their own making.

    Perhaps we should all consider the lunatic asylum as an option?

    What sort of mess do we make of our world?

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