Pay Peanuts, Get Monkeys – Pay Over £100,000, Get Total Incompetence :-(

April 1, 2010

Once again Doncaster’s ‘One Star’ council have done remarkably well…

on the ‘Town Hall Rich List’!

Fat cat pay is usually justified by that old chestnut, “if you want the best person for the job you have to pay for it.” Unfortunately all the evidence shows that this is total crap. The bankers who led us to recession were (and remain…) totally overpaid. The politicians who allowed it to happen were over paid and still felt the need to fiddle their expenses. The CEO’s of the corporations that profit from human suffering and environmental degradation are all doing very nicely thank you very much. And 9 people who work for one of the worst councils in England are being paid over £100,000 per annum for their utter incompetence. Fat cats indeed…

Sickeningly large pay packets do not a competent person make. If we want the results we deserve from people in powerful jobs then their then pay must be performance related and public servants must be made 100% accountable for their actions – with mechanisms in place to make it easier to remove those who consistently fail the public (without rewarding them for their failure with compensation payouts – as happened with various incompetent former DMBC employees).

Read the Taxpayer’s Alliance full report here.


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