English Democrats Pushing For Power In Doncaster

April 12, 2010

Mayor Davies’ political party, the English Democratic Party (EDP) are hoping to ride on the back of the Mayoral Election victory and are fielding candidates in 19 of Doncaster’s 21 wards (though we’re not sure why ‘reclaiming Monmouthshire for the English’ would be an obvious vote-winner in Donny ;-)).

By and large the EDP seem to be a Pantomime Party – with Dame Davies taking centre stage – which is less of a threat than the BNP or the EDL. But while it may be entertaining to watch Davies’ constant gaffs and utter incompetence we should never forget that these clowns can do some real damage communities in Doncaster – communities that have already suffered enough.

In truth they offer nothing more than bigotry and hypocrisy (although we’re more than used to hypocrisy from our politicians ;-)).

The EDP claim to be a moderate right-wing party which is not racist in any way – they’ve even threatened to sue anyone who calls their party racist. We don’t want to be sued, so we’ll let you read a post from one of their candidates and let you make your own mind up – forum post by ED’s Steve Uncles.

Davies himself is a tax-fiddling, strike-breaking, Tory-wannabe who has (thankfully in many cases…) failed to deliver on every promise he has ever made. He has even attempted to please his friends at the racecourse by vandalising publically owned woodland without seeking public consent or legal consultation. Do we really want more of these jokers on Doncaster council?


One Response to “English Democrats Pushing For Power In Doncaster”

  1. Dave E said

    I wrote to Davies yesterday to ask why he left the Tories, his son Phillip, MP for Shipley, refused to tell me on Twitter.

    Davies replied this morning saying,

    “I left the Conservative Party in 1993, after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, which Mr. Major signed in defiance of the will of Parliament. I then joined UKIP, but left them after the split in 1999/2000. In 2005 I joined the English Democrats.

    I could not possibly support the current Conservative Party with its lacklustre leadership and its lack of objectives. There is not a cigarette paper between the policies of the three main parties, and they all deserve to be rejected by English people.”

    I had thought it was going to be more scandalous. However I was surprised at his attack on the Tories for two reasons. Firstly his son being a Tory MP, and secondly it is Tory Councillors who are propping his Cabinet up.

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