At Last – North Doncaster Has Somebody Worth Voting For!!!

April 17, 2010

It’s official, Bill Rawcliffe, the RMT official from York we talked about here, IS to stand in North Doncaster.

Bill was among 300 people who lost their jobs at the Jarvis base in Doncaster when the firm went into administration last month.

This is particularly good news when you consider the shower of shit who are also standing…

The Labour candidate is Environment Secretary and New Labour love-child, Ed Miliband (who utterly failed to support the Vestas workers, which is why the RMT is fielding a candidate). Then we have Sophie Brodie, Conservative (ever popular choice in an ex-coal-mining region!); Pamela Chambers, British National Party (definitely not a Nazi, honest); Wayne Crawshaw, English Democrat (just look at our Mayor!); Edward Sanderson, Liberal Democrat (hmmm); and David Wilson, UK Independence Party (UKIP, BNP and English Democrats – what the hell have we done wrong?!? :-().


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