Barnsdale Brigade Change England’s Fortunes…

June 23, 2010

…with a little help from Dafoe 😉

In our last post we said…

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so we’ve decided to fly the flag in support of England…

Do it for St George! – St George Barrett that is ;-)

Our tactic worked. Now isn’t it time for everyone else to change their flags? Anarchy in the (bottom left of the…) UK!


4 Responses to “Barnsdale Brigade Change England’s Fortunes…”

  1. BristleKRS said

    Err, looks a bit like a celtic cross there!

  2. Oh bugger. Wish you’d said something before we had the tattoos done 😦

  3. BristleKRS said

    Hey, at least it’s not as awkward as the SWP’s recent switch in typeface styles to LightningFlashRune.

  4. […] 27, 2010 In reply to our last England post, BristleKRS suggested our anarchist St George might looked a little too much like a Celtic Cross. So […]

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