C’mon You Lions

June 27, 2010

In reply to our last England post, BristleKRS suggested our anarchist St George might looked a little too much like a Celtic Cross. So to offer our support today we’ve gone for a set of multi-ethnic lions on a red and black shield 😀

Altogether now, “Three Lions on the shirt…”


5 Responses to “C’mon You Lions”

  1. There is a heatwave going on, in my youth to cool down we had a good old riot, fuck England no nations not states no borders, i hope England lose and the working class understand football is nothing but opium of the masses keeping them dumb, let the lions rise..

    • If ‘opium’ gets our street getting together for a few laughs (or cries – 4 nil!?!) and a good old chin-wag on a hot day then so be it. Certainly beats your average middle class political meeting.

      And even if you don’t like footie you should check this out – http://anarchistsoccer.org/

    • Barnsley Bill said

      But comrade you fail the point made, so we need the coprate game to get us together, and let us not forget those going to sleep in there shanty towns down the road from this circus, there is nothing we as the working class can find pride in this bullshit, i have no pride in any nation, the only pride I have is in the working class not those who have sold out for 100k a week..

  2. This week, thousands of people will be protesting in Toronto, Canada against the G20 summit, as part of the deepening global war against capitalism. Infoshop News will be posting stories, accounts and updates here about the protests.

    Roving gangs of black-clad protesters who split from the main protest march are engaging in violent hit-and-run attacks against corporate and police targets, largely evading police who remained focused on maintaining a secure perimeter around the world leaders meeting for the G20 summit.

    A sign of the apparent upper hand protesters gained by the late afternoon was stark as bright flames and black smoke spewed from two police cruisers that were set ablaze and left untended by emergency crews for perhaps 20 minutes.
    If you’re angry about people dressed in black burning cars, you should probably know about the people in suits burning countries.

    The riots were largely led by a group donning black clothing, goggles, bandannas and ski masks, who some news outlets are identifying as a black bloc group — a protest tactic in which participants aim to conceal their identity in order to carry out acts of violence. They were joined by members of the activist group No One is Illegal, as well as another socialist group.

    Chants of “No justice, no peace, fuck the police!” rang through the air of a city that seemed entirely deserted, aside from protesters and riot police, who hid behind large, transparent shields.
    The smashing of glass was punctuated by cheering and the low drone of vuvuzelas. TORONTO in Canada has today erupted with massive and angry protests against the G20 meeting of the global neoliberal elite.

    The first reports from Digital Journal: “What started as a large peaceful protest in downtown Toronto to rally against the G20 summit has suddenly turned violent.

    “Police cars have been set ablaze, protesters hurled bricks and golf balls at windows and many Toronto venues are on lockdown.

    “A portion of the G20 summit protesters in Toronto clashed with police Saturday afternoon, forcing Toronto Police to take control of downtown Toronto.

    “At King and Bay streets, a Toronto Police vehicle has been set on fire. Along Yonge Street, various stores — such as American Apparel and the Zanzibar strip club — have had their windows broken by thrown objects.

    “The security perimeter on Front Street has not been compromised, Toronto Police say. Now, black-clad protesters have dispersed across Toronto, wrecking havoc on a wide range of Toronto sites.

    “The Yonge and College streets area are facing impacting damage; news report say protesters are also moving to University and College streets. Police are reportedly using tear gas right now at the University and College area, the Globe & Mail reports.

    “One Globe reporter recently liveblogged: “Huge rubber bullet shot at cluster of photographers and me, missed but close.” This is reportedly the first time in history Toronto Police have used tear gar.

    “The violent protest has forced Toronto attractions to shut their doors. The Eaton Centre, the Delta Chelsea Hotel, the Sheraton Hotel and the subway system between Bloor and St. George stations have been shut down.

    Local television reports quoted police as saying that the protesters smashed windows and storefronts in the downtown area, besides burning a police car. Police also had to use tear gas to dispel protesters attempting to march towards the Toronto Convention centre, the venue of the summit.
    Protesters were blocked by barricades horseback mounted policemen and policemen attired in riot gear, helmets and gas masks.
    Police confirmed that the G-20 security zone has been put on lockdown mode. Popular shopping centres like the Eaton Centre, the Sick Kids Hospital and the Toronto General Hospital have also been shut down.

    As most of the thousands of protesters obeyed police directions to avoid the security perimeter, a smaller group 100 demonstrators moved in and out of confrontations along Queen Street West.
    Lined four deep, officers blocked the group from the summit but largely left the property damage go unchallenged.
    What the main stream media are saying?

    G8 riots erupt in downtown Toronto
    Violence, confrontation as massive protest snakes through Toronto
    First ‘secret law’ arrestee plans Charter challenge
    32 arrests so far
    Protests turn violent: storefronts smashed, police cars set ablaze
    Photos from Toronto street clashes
    Photo: Police cruiser on fire at G20 march
    Protesters Resist Illegal Searches
    House raids, warrants and arrests
    Video: G20 Community Day of Action illegal search
    Cops arrest comrade for standing beside G20 Fence
    Restrictive Canadian border requirements leveled against G-20-bound journalists
    From the Shadows: Toronto, Minneapolis and the ALF

    Counter-summit Websites

    G8/G20 Toronto Community Mobilization

    Toronto Media Co-op

  3. BristleKRS said

    Only just seen this – was going to say that looks totally rampant, but passant would probably be more appropriate 😉

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