Arcadia for All!

June 28, 2010

We’re off on holiday to Cleggie this week…

Long, long ago, before fascist Town Planners decided to ruin things, anyone who felt the urge could just go down to the beach with some timber and tools and build themselves a shelter or holiday home. This is how the Fitties Bungalow park at Cleethorpes was started at the turn of the last century.

Some just had an old railway coach or omnibus propped up on bricks. This was somewhere you could pop down for the weekend to get away from it all without paying some greedy bugger for the pleasure…..sigh!

In 1953 the East Coast Flood swept away most of the chalets and caravans. When the waters subsided undaunted people set about building their hideaways once more. Built to their own designs and using any materials that came to hand the Humberston Fitties Chalet Bungalows grew and grew.

For further info on how Britain could have been a very different place if it weren’t for restrictive planning laws we recommend the following…

Arcadia for All: The Legacy of a Makeshift Landscape. by Dennis Hardy & Colin Ward


Cotters and Squatters: The Hidden History of Housing. by Colin Ward

See you in five days!

(it’ll probably rain)


5 Responses to “Arcadia for All!”

  1. Dave E said

    I’m surprised you’ve found it necessary to join the ranks of Littlejohn, the Mail and the Sun in framing Health & Safety as a mere petty killjoy. Without the likes of the Factories Acts and the ’74 Health and Safety at Work Act, workers would be dying and injured in everincreasing numbers. Of course without these pieces of legislation employers would save money by not bothering about worker safety and health, but hey that’s hardly the point.

    If you need anymore convincing of the need for Health and Safety action, have a look at the injuries and death statistics from the HSE for such industries as mining, agriculture and construction, then try to tell me that the Health and Safety Executive ruins things.

    • Sorry, the Health & Safety thing was a bit flipant. We had in mind the community crushing legislation that’s killed of Bonfire Night, street parties and galas rather than workers rights.
      H&S statement removed until we get to a PC to make a more in depth comment ; -)

  2. Michael said

    I have been looking for a nice hideaway for a while but can’t get over the cost. Whether you buy land and build something or buy a proper built house it will still cost several hundred grand.

  3. mummygirl2 said

    I agree with this entirely. A great place the Fitties. I have a blog on here too but as photographs.
    I did many photographs in and around the Fitties. I’ve met some lovely people there. Those two books are brill. Colin Ward sadly died in 2010 I think….Bev

  4. mummygirl2 said

    I also have many images of street protests in and around Manchester from the TUC march just at the end of 2011.
    Feel free to view them. It was a great March. 30,000 people attended if I’m right.

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