Royalty Free Zone

July 6, 2010

We we so inspired by this post from Ian Bone


As part of the nationwide celebrations the Queen is bestowing Royal Borough status on Greenwich. The only other Royal Boroughs are Kensington and Chelsea, Kingston on Thames and Windsor and Maidenhead – a good cross section of our country. Maybe we should be aspiring to create some ‘non-royal boroughs’ where the royals are told to keep out. Queen Free Zone – go on someone – design the sticker like Ghostbusters. Lets see who can get their house raided first for having one in their window.

…that we produced the following graphic…

The full poster can be downloaded for printing here…

Royalty Free Zone Poster PDF


3 Responses to “Royalty Free Zone”

  1. TomC said

    I like that

  2. […] AMP has been (re)launched thanks to a little idea that was born here and here – so our first poster reflects our republican heart You can download a PDF of our Royalty […]

  3. […] happy to announce that our previous poster post has led to the (re)launch of the Anarchist Media Project […]

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