Tories Attack Yet ANOTHER Generation of Doncastrians

July 7, 2010

The Crowalition Grovelment (a mixture of Tories and Not-So-Nasty-Tories) have stopped the funding required for much-needed school building improvements for 22 of Doncaster’s schools. Including – believe it or not – this one…

Campsmount Technology College was completely gutted by fire last year. Against the odds the school and local villages pulled together to provide vital education needs. Community centres, youth clubs, private buildings, etc., were all used as class rooms until a temporary structure was ready nearer the former school site. The kids have been using this temporary structure ever since.

Nearly 80% of kids attending Campsmount are from underprivileged backgrounds. Their families live in the former mining communities that have been in economic decline since the Tories successfully decimated the mining industry 25 years ago. Despite the areas economic problems Campsmount was a real success story, the headmaster, Andrew Sprakes, had really turned things around and the kids had begun to believe in themselves once again.

But thanks to the greed of bankers the government is now consolidating its assets solely to protect the interests of Middle England – for whom the government (all government) really works. We’ve talked before about government’s sole purpose of privatising gains and socialising losses, well here it is in full effect. The money saved by abandoning vital building projects will be pumped into their ‘Free Schools’ project which will undoubtedly favour middle class children.

Effectively the ‘cuts’ are the mechanism by which government will rob from the poor and give to the rich.  We need to start reversing the process.


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