Shouldn’t We Make McDonalds Pay for the NHS?

July 13, 2010

An 11-year study of more than 200 children in Plymouth has shown that the belief that inactivity causes kids to get fat is backwards thinking. Rather the effect is the other way around – that getting fatter makes kids inactive.

There have also been observable changes in body shape over the last few decades. There were less fat kids thirty years ago, but the way fat was stored was also very different. Nowadays a lot more fat is stored around the back and hips rather than the stomach. This signifies that it is not necessarily the amount that people eat, but the quality of the food they consume which is causing these problems.

Food companies are bulking up their products with all kinds of shit. Cheap crap like trans-fats and Palm oil not only keep the price of the product down, but also – when combined with high sugar content – helps to make that product highly addictive. Add mass marketing to the mix and you have the perfect legal ‘cigarette’ substitute for immoral businessmen – an addictive, cheap and highly dangerous substance that kills just slowly enough to make a guaranteed profit. But this cigarette is aimed at your kids!

The simple truth is that food giants like Kraft (and any other company pushing processed food) are getting away with abusing children for profit.

Obesity is a preventable disaster that dwarfs BP’s Gulf oil spill (Maccy Ds might taste (slightly) better than crude, but it’s just as deadly), but where are the shouts of ‘compensation‘?

Companies which sell highly processed food are some of the richest in the world – isn’t it time they paid their way?


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