Did Somebody Mention The ‘A’ Word?

August 18, 2010

After posting Ian Bone’s and ray Roughler-Jone’s excellent Idler interview, the Anarchist Media Project (AMP) have followed it up with an interview with Alan Moore.

The Brigade have often thought that the interview is one of the best ways to put across the subtle beauty of anarchist philosophy. So we were wondering if anyone could recommend some other good anarchist interviews available on the web?

And, as a bit of fun, we were wondering what would your ideal anarchist interview be?

We’ll get the ball rolling by suggesting that it would be good to get Penny Rimbaud (Crass) and Ian Bone (Class War) – who between them turned more people onto anarchy during the 80s than Kropotkin and Bakunin combined 😉 – together for a right old chin-wag to discus what might have been!


One Response to “Did Somebody Mention The ‘A’ Word?”

  1. Re Penny Rimbaud (Crass) and Ian Bone (Class War)Instead of dreaming lets make it happen i have access to filming them, we could record them and pump out by here etc, all so easy to have there spoken words turned into the written word, and there is no ego in this lets me you do the same from past projects to fallen projects there is so much that could be done with such an idea from The Dark Mountain project to FIT Watch, to Dave Dougless and Dave Edwords talking about 1984 and all that.. is that enough for you? Contact me more than happy to help out.

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