Who the EDL do they think they are?

August 29, 2010

The following comment by Tom C on Ian Bone’s blog sums up everything you need to know about those crackpot has-been hooligans posing as patriots who call themselves the English Defense League…

Two things that I thought were interesting about yesterdays EDL demo was, there were a group of about 15 – 20 who didn’t get involved with the main demo but stayed in the pub and sent out rat boys out to scout for them. They were going to get involved if their numbers were high enough, with out the numbers they stayed clear of any trouble, again only having the bottle in numbers.

Secondly on the train to Leeds a group of 6 EDL were in my coach along with four Arsenal fans heading home from the Blackburn game. One EDL twat started acting all large and mighty slagging of asians then singing No surrender to the taliban, when on of the Aresnal fans got up walked down the carriage and Lamped the EDL twat, totally straight down out cold, none of his weasel mates did anything, they didn’t have the bottle. As EDL twat started to come round the Arsenal fan said stay down you sad fuck.
So much for EDL being in with the footy fans.

An entertaining report of the day can also be read here…

One Response to “Who the EDL do they think they are?”

  1. “Fascists, anti fascists and riot squad. I cant quite decide what ones are the worst”

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