That Nick Clegg chant in full…

November 12, 2010

As sung on Wednesday’s Student demo…

Nick Clegg is a wanker
he wears a wanker’s hat
and no one really likes him
cos he’s a massive twat
he’s hated by the left wing
he’s hated by the right
he’ll never be the P.M.
cos he’s a fucking shite.

Listen out for it on the ‘National Student (& School-Kids) Day of Action’ on the 24th!

Full details here


2 Responses to “That Nick Clegg chant in full…”

  1. Incog said

    Or there is the Cameron version:

    Cameron is a wanker,
    He wears a silk cravat,
    He took one look at the
    Welfare state and said
    I’m having that!
    He can’t say no to bankers,
    He wont bail out the poor,
    So lets show these Con-Dem
    bastards the true meaning of class war!

  2. […] the student march against tuition fee rises last week and hear the Ivor Novello Award-nominated Nick Clegg song so soon after his appearance on Desert Island Discs (where, having robbed my faith in liberal […]

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