Donny Demo: Anarchists Storm Doncaster Mansion House (kinda)

November 13, 2010

A large contingent of anarchists (and a couple of hangers on) assembled on the steps of Doncaster Mansion House today to oppose the Tory cuts.

You may notice some AMP ‘Best Cut‘ posters among the crowd. We gave away hundreds of posters and badges which were very warmly welcomed – one women even noted “I’m not a fan of personal violence, but I’ve got to have one of those!” Class War – Barnsdale Brigade made their presence widely known before catching a train to the Leeds zine fair (Happy Birthday Footprints!) and then to the pub – job done!

A big thanks to our Press Officer, Chairman Mo – an ex-market trader – and his cries of “Get your free Cameron Christmas gift-wrap here!” which managed to drown out the usual trot microphones…


3 Responses to “Donny Demo: Anarchists Storm Doncaster Mansion House (kinda)”

  1. It is fact i was a market trader in dark distant past and yes i did drown out the trots.. We had rid over a thousand (Comrade never good with figers even his own) not only to the few gathered but passer by.. In all of the 15 mins there posters gone.. It was not Millbank house granted, but enough to tell the trots Class War are back in Yorkshire nuff said.. Of to Leeds.. A few pints and now to me local for some Ska..

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  3. Turpin said

    A fine day out comrades

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