Only A Fool Or A Coward Would Remain Silent In The Face Of This…

November 14, 2010

The veneer has well and truly peeled from the sham that is British democracy. Even those who believed in – and voted for – the supposedly democratic process are now forced to recognise that it is nothing more than a con-job (or should that be ConDem-Job!).

Clegg the Smeg claimed to oppose a rise in tuition fees, but was secretly supporting them (though we’re sure that he – and everyone else for that matter – never expected that he would be in a position where he’d be found out). Cameron’s Tories claimed to want to decentralise government, break up quangos and stem governmental attacks on liberty – yet now they’re further centralising the education system, replacing Labour’s quangos with their own and are further strengthening the database state. The story under Labour wouldn’t have played out any differently. For they are all following the same neoliberal agenda that has been fucking us over for 30+ years (regardless of who’s supposed to be in power at the time).

For the last couple of decades too many people in our country have silently enjoyed the crumbs and baubles that the rich have awarded them for their compliance, whilst the voice of the oppressed has been completely ignored; for a long time those paying the highest price were comfortably out of view – far away in the ‘third world’ or hidden in ‘sink estates’ (and although the media liked to encourage people to be ‘charitable’ they always helped to maintain that underlying myth that poverty was the fault of the poor, not the inevitable result of others having hoarded most of the wealth for themselves) – but now the rich are tightening their belts (i.e. stealing from the poor) and more and more people are seeing the true face of capitalism – and it’s biting them right on the arse. At last the beast is unmasked. And shit is it ugly!

Government as we know it is a tool used by big business and corporations to control the very people that ‘representative democracy’ claims to represent – us. In reality the job of government is to control the flow of currency, ensuring that wealth and power goes to the right people – the rich. Everything else – everything truly worthwhile – is actually created by society itself; though government still likes to take credit so it can keep the taxes coming in.  The good news is that modern technology now allows us to go way beyond the old bureaucratic systems and effect a true, participatory democracy; a rule by and of the people – self-rule.

The people  who best understand the technology that will allow this to happen are also the ones who have made the most visible and direct stand against the current British government – it’s time we all took a lesson from the students!

On Wednesday 24th November there will be a National Day of Action where students, school-kids, teachers and lecturers will  walk out of universities and schools to take a stand against the cuts and rise in tuition fees. There’s talk of occupying Lib Dem constituency offices across the country – among many other things 😉

Everyone should show their support in some way or another. No matter where you are there’s always something you can do to show solidarity on the 24th – go on, be creative!..

Download a free PDF of the ‘Best Cut’ poster here.


One Response to “Only A Fool Or A Coward Would Remain Silent In The Face Of This…”

  1. There is no doubt The Illuminati gave us The Government they wanted, as they did in 1997 with New Labour and lets not forget the kicking in we got from them over 13 years, the lack of response from The Petite Bourgeoisie was expected, of course we know those involved in Millbank was The lower Middle Class so The Mail On Sunday are right in telling us this, but what made events at Millbank was the very fact it was The Petite Bourgeoisie..

    No doubt The Illuminati are now feeding us the misinformation in the media, it goes without saying, that when us The Working Class see such actions as Millbank we are going to feel empowered and just might think fuck if they can do why not us?

    This is why Ian Bone is right, now 5 days on The Media are still going on, it was much the same with The Poll Tax Riots, there in fear we need to keep that fear going and no doubt The Illuminati will concede something to bring back The Petite Bourgeoisie in line, but we all know the horse has left the fucking stable is now on a rampage, we need not let matters become calm and in the next coming weeks we need to be out there with The Petite Bourgeoisie rolling up our sleeves and getting a little stuck in, lets hope this is one fire that one extinguisher can not put see you on The Streets we either take now or stay the same..

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