‘We’re All In It Together’ – Tell That To The Royals!

November 17, 2010

It’s estimated that the cost of protecting Billy and Cat from the riff-raff… er sorry… we mean the cost of ‘policing the royal couple, Will and Kate, on their big day’ will run to the tune of £80 million.

£80 fucking million! What’s up with having Bill’s little brother ‘H’ on the door and his uncle Andy on the look-out for trouble inside? They’re all military men, surely they can handle it if the Middleton’s decide to kick-off (bound to happen, you know what weddings are like).

In these times of austerity surely £80 million is taking the piss slightly. It’s not as if Bill & Cat are even that famous; not really, not like Katie & Peter (bless ’em) or Posh & Becks.

But at least the happy event will take our minds of the fact that the government is attacking the poorest and most vulnerable people in society and dismantling the welfare-state right in front of our star-struck eyes. Thanks a lot Billy Boy…


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