Send Your Messages of Support To The Students Who Are Protecting YOUR Future

November 25, 2010

The students have shown the rest of us – workers, claimants, parents, carers, academics, idlers, anarchists, etc., etc., etc. – what we should ALL be doing. We feel that the above image, from the 10/11 London demo – says everything we need to know. We need to unite, and we need to act! If not, then we will get the future we fucking deserve!

In South Yorkshire, Sheffield Hallam University has been occupied by students. Find out more here…

…and send messages of support to…

At present there are 20 or so other occupations in the UK – full details here – and it’s growing all the time; show them your support! There will be further actions next Tuesday and if you’re able to organise any form of solidarity protest in your area, no matter how small, do it!


One Response to “Send Your Messages of Support To The Students Who Are Protecting YOUR Future”

  1. BREAKING NEWS on the current situation of the student occupation at Sheffield University. Security attempt to forcefully evict protesters, when this fails they set off fire alarms to force legal evacuation of the building.

    Since 9pm last night the Sheffield University occupation has been in a state of lock down with university security not allowing any students to enter the building. Following a rally on Sheffield University concourse at 12:00 today a group of twenty to thirty students and university workers decided to join those already occupying the Hicks building lecture theatres. An unguarded entrance to the side of the lecture theatres was used. In response to this influx of new people university security decided to initiate a forceful eviction of the lecture theatres.

    Despite the security staff’s aggression occupiers were able to resist attempts to remove them through mass, passive resistance. When their attempt at eviction had clearly failed security staff decided to deliberately set off the fire alarms in the building, disrupting many students in the middle of lectures and seminars and forcing a legal eviction on the grounds of “health and safety”. In response the occupiers have moved to Firth Court and have taken the space outside of the Vice Chancellors office inside of this building.

    Support is desperately needed for the students ongoing actions. Publicise the occupation and the actions of the security staff and please come to Firth Court and show your support for the occupiers.

    Richard Yates, Sheffield University Security Services Manager, will also undoubtedly be happy to hear your opinion of what his security team have been doing –
    Telephone: (0114) 2229232

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