SNOW DAY OF RAGE! – Support the Students! Defend South Yorkshire Fire Service!

November 30, 2010

Bugger! Snow has stopped play (or rather the buses) where we are. The local schools are not at full capacity and we’re not going to be able to travel. But I’m sure we’ll find something to do 😉

It’s November 30th and another day of student protests is on the cards. If you can offer your support, do! If, like us, you’re finding it hard to get physically involved then you can always spread the word. Check out for further info and let everyone know what’s happening.  Inform the people you work or go to school/uni with, and keep the momentum going in any way you can.

It was also announced today that 71 jobs are about to be axed in South Yorkshire’s Fire Service. In a bid to save £9 million, 62 firefighters and nine control room staff are to lose their jobs. If given final approval, the proposals will cut one in 12 fire officers in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster;reducing the force from around 750 to under 690. FBU brigade secretary John Gilliver said he was “very concerned” about the proposals, but focused his anger on the Government’s funding cuts, saying:“We are already working on minimum staffing levels. We have already been subjected to cuts and this would leave us with a significantly worse service … [this proposal] depends on the goodwill of firefighters to be available to cover holidays, sickness and training. This causes a lot of problems.”

South Yorkshire firefighters have come under constant attack in recent years, and we can’t help but wonder how much of this is politically motivated.

We need to unite everyone who’s livelihood and standard of living is in danger thanks to the cuts (which is pretty much everyone), and we need to work closely together to defeat the Tory scum.


2 Responses to “SNOW DAY OF RAGE! – Support the Students! Defend South Yorkshire Fire Service!”

  1. Last week a comment was placed that underclassrising was just one or even two and that we are not a movement.. they’re right in one regard, we are not a movement but a collective.. Due to work commitments these words are not from our wordsmith.. Our replacement had to also work (such is life: children to feed and think of their future)..

    South Yorkshire Police said its Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes had signed an order under Section 14 of the Public Order Act 1986 to “allow peaceful protest but minimise disruption to local people”.

    So, today I was on my own taking images, and I end up writing a report. Bringing it all Back Home is a plug for Dylan and one of my haunts back in the 1980s: a shop on Glossop Road Sheffield with a coffee shop upstairs and this is where we would all go when we had done with our protest.

    The numbers had dissipated, it was cold and there was snow on the ground but, in their wisdom, South Yorkshire Police had placed a section 14 on the action. So, with that in mind, we played them at their game and followed the route, through Broomhill and pass School Children cheering and clapping us, drivers beeping their horns.

    Supt Martin Scothern said: “The planned protest site does not lend itself to large-scale assembly and immediately adjacent to the constituency offices are business premises and a children’s nursery.

    “This gives grounds for fearing that the rights of those not involved in protest would be disproportionately affected if South Yorkshire Police allowed protest to go ahead, unconstrained by limitations as to the location or size of assembly.”

    Mr Scothern added: “One hundred people is still a sizeable demonstration, we are not trying to restrict people’s right to protest.”

    Student Max Brophy criticised the action.

    He said: “So far in Sheffield all student protests have been peaceful and have gone very well.

    “What they are doing now is restricting students’ right to protest and expecting them to be happy about that.”

    Onwards, we march in the snow towards Nether Green and the office of Nick ‘TWAT’ Clegg, pass people at bus stops clapping us, old folk outside, yes, clapping us. The march passed very cold and pissed off lines of police on the road where Nick Clegg did live, his house went up for sale a long time back, did anyone tell them this?

    The demonstration took place on a road 40m (130ft) from the office and was limited to 100 protesters.About 30 officers stood between the crowd and the office and dozens more police were in reserve in surrounding streets, some carrying riot gear.

    Lines of riot vans parked, FIT hanging from lamp-posts, the Police, looking cold and pissed off, we got to Nick Clegg’s office, and in basic we had another hour left of designated protest. Some of us left early, and word has it the Arts Tower library has been occupied, indeed Bringing it all Back Home, less numbers than last week but non the less, still an inspiration.. Look at the images of the Police all shivering and cold. That alone made our day. Last word: we are a collective that is part of a movement, no the other way round. There are no leaders for the free..

    After a few abortive attempts to break police lines we had to settle for chucking snowballs (of which there was an ample supply for!) at the upstanding members of the local constabulary. The march then returned to University Campus. After a short stand-off with university security at Firth Court failed to produce any results, protesters decided to occupy the Richard Roberts Building en masse. Security’s attempt to immediately lock-down the building was unsuccessful.

    University management are currently attempting to negotiate some sort of compromise with the occupiers where they provide them a space for a continuing occupation in the Hicks Building (along with the promise of future free access). The university has, however, failed to live up to past promises on this matter see, Education has been allowed to continue in the occupied auditorium as a first year economics lecture occurred as planned at 4:00 (with occupiers moving to the back of the space).

    Check back at for continuing updates and pictures of the days events.

    Love, Peace, Rage and of course Anarchy:

    PS. We know the Police look here, ta for the feed back on our work..


  2. (part two)

    It flows that following active involvement I have an ill nights sleep, so at 2am I was awake in a bath.. It worked and by three I was sound asleep.. Waking, I looked out the window.. no sunrise over Sheffield. The snow was deep and far deeper than last year’s. At long last we had the real shit..

    For the old and infirm not good news, but for people like myself it was a joy I dressed, came to the studio/office.. oh the joy of home. Logged on, checked a few things. 9:30 I was out the front door at Walkley Bakers for 9:45 having seen the joy of life with out cars, they lied at the side of the road like redundant snow sculptures

    People walked/talked and shared the joy of walking in the middle of Howard Road, I was meeting a friend for Coffee at Refresh, what a joy of stillness and quiet invoked by the heavy snow fall. People were joyful, talking to each other. Not in their isolation tins, but on foot.

    It has been that sort of year, the uprising of communities, that another world could be possible without Planes (yes, the weeks of no trails due to a volcanic eruption) now the snow had done the same and proven that cars, the current way of life is redundant. The Joy of skipping down Whitham Road in the middle on a Wednesday afternoon outside Western Park can not be told. Neither can the joy of snow.

    It has not been like this since 1981, indeed students running The Police round London Benny Hill style, occupations.. who said another world was not possible? That snow is calling me back out doors.. Just a note: if you have an old person/infirm person, do the right thing and knock their door, check they’re alright, offer to go shopping or whatever they might need. Be the community you desire.

    Love, Rage and, of course, Anarchy..

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