Police Threaten To Shoot 12 Yr Old!

December 10, 2010

Canny Nicky Wishart (above), a pupil at Bartholomew School, Eynsham, Oxfordshire, decided to use Facebook to organise a demonstration outside David Cameron’s house to highlight the plight of his youth centre, which is due to close in March next year due to budget cuts.

130 people on Facebook agreed to take part in the demo, but Nicky was contacted by anti-terrorist police and threatened with arrest!

Speaking to the Guardian, Nicky Wishart said:

“In my lesson, [a school secretary] came and said my head of year wanted to talk to me. She was in her office with a police officer who wanted to talk to me about the protest. He said, ‘if a riot breaks out we will arrest people and if anything happens you will get arrested because you are the organiser’… He said even if I didn’t turn up I would be arrested and he also said that if David Cameron was in, his armed officers will be there ‘so if anything out of line happens …’ and then he stopped.”

So not only are the rozzers more than happy to beat up kids, now they’re openly threatening to shoot them!


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