Now You’ve Met The MET! – Reports From Yesterday’s Student Demos

December 10, 2010

During the miner’s strike a friends father nearly died after needing surgery to remove half his bowel.  He had been severely beaten by officers from the Metropolitan Police for the ‘crime’ of fighting for his future. When they finished beating him the shit-headed fascists laughed and said “Now you’ve met the MET!”

A quarter of a century later the Met are beating up children who, like the miners and the poll tax protesters before them, are taking a stand to defend their future. As usual the media is lying through it’s teeth, but nowadays we have technology on our side and detailed reports are more easily – and more widely – spread. Here are two which are definitely worth reading…

The MET are scum. The media are liars. Despite the bullshit about ‘anarchist agitators’ and ‘violent minorities’ ‘hijacking legitimate protest’ the truth is that these are working class children and young adults who are taking a stand because previous generations and the democratic process have failed them. Either join them or get out of the way and let them do what needs to be done!

Justice for Alfie Meadows!

Justice for Ian Tomlinson!


4 Responses to “Now You’ve Met The MET! – Reports From Yesterday’s Student Demos”

  1. Hoover said

    “working class children and young adults”

    MY ARSE!

    They’re all as posh as pants.

    • Helen said

      Were you there? I was, and I beg to differ. Besides, class has absolutely nothing to do with it; it’s a completely legitimate protest.

  2. Ellie said

    Does it matter what background people come from? Surely we are all on the same side?

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