Jody McIntyre Unmasks The Truth About The BBC

December 14, 2010

We like to call Auntie the Blatant Bullshit Corporation. Not one of our aunties, we hasten to add 😉 No, we are, of course, talking about that mother of all British monopolies, the BBC.

Originally formed to monopolise and control the newly emerging ‘wireless’ industry (and with it the information being spoon-fed to the public) the BBC has always been one of the worst corporations on the planet when it comes to propaganda and misinformation. It’s also the only one in the UK that routinely imprisons pensioners!

In the run up to the Iraq war the BBC only gave 3% of it’s news broadcasting time to those opposed the war (only America’s CBS was more biased in it’s reporting, though it’s hard to see how they could be 😉 ), despite the fact that the people were overwhelmingly against the war.

For more info on how unfree our ‘free press’ truly is check out MediaLens and watch John Pilger’s The War You Don’t See, tonight, 10:35pm, on ITV 1. Click here for the trailer.

As for an example of the BBC’s biased bullshit check this out (nice one Jody!)…

Jody’s Worpress Blog is Life On Wheels: One man’s journey on the path to revolution…

The best Tweet we saw about Ben Brown was this from @Sean_SoulofMan

The helmet BBC’s Ben Brown donned during Thursday’s student demo made him look like a cock. Yesterday he confirmed he is indeed a total cock


2 Responses to “Jody McIntyre Unmasks The Truth About The BBC”

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  2. MD said

    is this reporter for real? is he playing a paxman on this kid.
    this are kids! and nice ones at that. Their parents (that’s us) are the punk generation….wait till we dust off our docs and start rioting!!

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