Surprise, Surprise: Tories Attack Doncaster… AGAIN!

December 14, 2010

Cartoon by Christopher Sharrock 

In Doncaster we’re still reeling from the economic (…and actual, thanks largely to the Met and the British army) blows delivered by the last Tory government. Now they’re sticking the boot in with a 8.9% reduction in council funding… this financial year alone!

The Local Government Association has labeled these cuts the “toughest in living memory”.

In some ways we can understand Eric Pickles decision, he’s obviously naïve… what exactly can that fat bastard know about deprivation? Isn’t it about time he deprived himself of a few meals? (PAID FOR USING HIS SECOND HOME EXPENSES NO DOUBT!) But that’s the real problem here; bloated millionaire shit-heads are making decisions that affect a world they have no connection with and know nothing about. Isn’t it time we took control of our own future?..

Things are going to get tough around here. But don’t be fooled into thinking it would have been better under a Labour government. We already had a notoriously crap 1-star council under their rule. In truth the three main political parties in the UK (or should that be 2 now the Lib Dems have shown their true colour?) are following a single minded Neoliberal agenda. The sad truth is that democracy – everywhere – has been appropriated by insatiable corporatism… it’s the same sad anti-poor/anti-planet story the world over regardless of whose supposed to be in the driving seat!

The only real answer is to take back power from the banks and corporations – and their political lackeys. We would like to propose that Doncaster Council becomes the first OCCUPIED COUNCIL in the UK!

That’s right, kick out the government and self-manage – we can hardly do a worse job!

Council workers know their job better than central government. Let’s pull together and build our own completely autonomous local infrastructure. Let’s appropriate all the necessary resources, machinery, knowledge, manpower, etc.  (which we paid for in the first place) and carry on regardless. We can pay the money that we would have paid in taxes to the guys doing the jobs and they, in turn, can spend it locally. Job done.

Ok, we know it’s just a dream – but WHAT a dream! –  and that the people of Donny and their lackluster leaders are all too likely to sit back and watch their services go to shit around them as per usual (COME ON PEOPLE, PROVE US WRONG!) – but if you are incensed enough to have a polite word with the Tory Scum who are attacking our town then leave a comment here…


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