Tories DON’T Hate Us!.. Honest ;-)

December 15, 2010

We asked our local Conservative candidate why her party hated the people of Doncaster. The reply was…

Dear Mr Goodfella,

Thank you for your email.

In my opinion, the Conservative party does not only not hate the people
of Doncaster, but is very concerned that they should prosper and reap
the benefits of the town’s advantages.

Conservative councillors in Doncaster are working extremely hard to
improve living standards, education, housing and job opportunities for
people in the area.

I am very sorry that you appear to think otherwise.

With all good wishes for a happy Christmas,


Having wished us a Happy Christmas we thought it was only right and proper to return the seasonal cheer…

Hi Xxxxxx,

Sorry, my mistake. I didn’t realise that you’re party inflicted cuts which the Local Government Association has labeled the “toughest in living memory” on us because they cared for us so much.

Have a great Christmas. (Though may we suggest you take the opportunity to watch one of the many versions of A Christmas Carol which will be broadcast over the X-Mas period – Dickens’ seems to be so relevant once again, don’t you think?).

Warm regards,

Don’t you just love the season of good will 😉


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