RIP Mark ‘Mozaz’ Wallace

January 23, 2011

Our dear friend, Mark ‘Mozaz’ Wallace, passed away in the early hours of this morning due to complications brought on through pneumonia – which were undoubtedly aggravated by his difficult life history.

He wasn’t always easy to love, but those of us who knew him well always knew his love was genuine – if a little unorthodox 😉

It’s hard to write at the moment, so we’ll just leave you with a few words from the man himself:

I shall never surrender to the bigots in this life, and I know the real
enemy of freedom is fear. Is it not time we moved on and began

to understand that people really can change? Indeed if we do not
believe in change, then how can we believe in anarchy?



4 Responses to “RIP Mark ‘Mozaz’ Wallace”

  1. editor said

    Very sad news

    He’ll be missed by the urban75 bulletin board community.

  2. marc said

    when and where is the funeral i must pay my respects

    please any info is really appreciated

  3. Turpin said

    see ya mozza

  4. Sam said

    Mozaz’s funeral will take place on Thursday 3rd Feb, 12pm start at Grenoside Crematoruim, North Chapel followed by a gathering at Philledelphian WMC, Martin Street, Upperthorpe, Sheffield from 1:30pm

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